Saturday, November 8, 2008

Off to Grandpa's house!!!!

I was fortunate enough to go to my Grandpa's house in Ohio while my good Mother-in-law held down the "my fort" in Cali for 12 days!! Thanks again Judy...You are the BEST!!! My sister Liz and I flew there and met my mom at his house to basically do a total "sweep through" and try to go through the things that he did not need anymore so that we could move him out here to be with us!! Here is one of my favorite pix of my grandparents that I found while I was there...My Beautiful Sweet Grandmother Eve sadly died a few years ago of Alzheimers. She really was like a second Mom to me as I was growing up and I love her dearly!!This is their house that my mom and her brother grew up in!! It is in Mansfield, OH, and I loved being here, as it brought back soo many memories for me. My twin and I basically spent a good part of our childhood here.My grandparents even had this playhouse made for Heather and I in there backyard where we would play for hours with all of the neighborhood kids. Again...Sooo many great memories!!Here is Liz and I with my Grandpa Patton. We were on our way to church and this is seriously the only times we would get dressed up while we were there, because the rest of the time we had our "working gear" on and were ready to get dirty!!I wish that I would have taken a pix of this huge basement right when we first started...honestly you would not believe how full it was all of those shelves in the back were packed with stuff!!! It was seriously crazy all of the stuff we wnt through and found!!Here is Lizzy and I trying to make my Grandpa go through all of his old papers and clothes etc. He really wasn't too hip on this whole "cleaning out and getting rid of stuff". But he was a trooper and actually "let go" of a lot!!! This was what the basement looked like after we were done with it!! What a "PROJECT"!! All of the stuff on the left is his "taking to San Diego" pile!!

Liz and I would soon find out that this old Cadillac Deville was going to be our BFF for the next week as we filled that car to the brim...Soo Ugly!!! haha

Then we would haul it off to the Salvation Army trucks and get a reciept for everything we had donated!!! Liz was practically sitting on my lap every trip!!! I wish I had a picture of everything that we threw away and donated!! It would Blow Your Mind!!!

This is one of the great many treasures that I found in the basement...My Grandma's old doll!! I love it so cute is she?
I also got to visit with one of my dear childhood friends Bonnie Parr!! She is so awesome and we have had soo many great memorable times together!!! It was sooo fun to see her and her family!

We were also lucky enough to be there to "ring in" my Grandpa's 85th Birthday!!! He looks so good for 85!! Bonnie's sweet Mom Sheri had this birthday cake made for him with one of his old pictures on it. What a fun surprise that was for him!!
Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa Patton...
Here we are at one of the many B-day celebrations! L-R Jay Parr, Sheri Parr My sister Jill (who flew in from Maryland to celebrate with us), me, Liz, my Mom, Grandpa Patton and my Uncle David.
Thanks again Grandpa for all of the Wonderful Memories and Great Times we have shared and I look forward to many more!! Love you...

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Annemarie said...

That is so great that you got to do that for your sweet Grandpa. Looks like it was a successful trip!