Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristian!!

Yesterday was Kristian's birthday, so I thought I would share with you my most favorite picture of him that was probably taken about 38 years ago! That's right he is now 41 and pushin' the big 5..0!! HaHa just kidding've got a long ways to go!! So lastnight I surprised him and took him to one of the greatest restaurants around called The Fish House Vera Cruz!! So yummy. And then I brought him to Pole Position, this new place in town that is a big huge warehouse with an indoor racing track where you get to drive these little go-carts around!! He absolutely loved it, however I totally forgot my camera, so I can't upload any pictures right now, but my friend Julie Lundquist was there with her family and took pictures of us, so when I get those from her I will post it! Kristian...I still love you even though you're almost 50...Hope you had a great birthday!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I've got my EYES on you....

Kristian is always jesturing to the kids..."I've got my eyes on you" where he takes his fingers and points them at both his eyes and then points them at the kids. Well tonight we captured it on film and my silly little cammie tried to do it back to him with a serious skowl on her face, it was soo funny!

Daddy makes a FORT...

Last night the kids were begging Kristian to make them a cool fort in Merrick's room. So what does my "handy hubbie" do? Go out to his garage and get a big bag of plastic clamps and all the blankets and random sheets he can find and built the "The Best Fort Ever" as Merrick says. Campbell was soo excited and came to find me and says "Mom...mere (come here) FORK" (fort) Merrick and Fischer got to sleep in their fort that night! Thanks Daddy!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Desert Fun!!!

  • This weekend we were invited by our great neighbors, The VanNyhuis family to join them at the desert! Now I have been soo reluctent to go out again after what happened last year when we went out with them, as many of you know he unfortunately broke his collar bone and cracked a few ribs the first hour we were there!! And I obviously did not want to relive that again....EVER!! But we went and actually had soo much fun this time! Kristian taught Fischer how to ride the four wheeler and he never wanted to get off that thing!! Kristian took it easy this time and only rode the Quads, Dune Buggy and their cousins Rhino!! Thanks babe. Campbell had fun just playing in the dirt and making angels in the sand, although she was priviledged to get a little ride from her big brother. Merrick loved just being with her sidekick and BFF Natalie. Thanks again Teri and John for an awesome weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My "Blog Stalking" days are over...

That's right, you heard me....I have joined this blogging maddness with you all, thanks to my sisters Meghan and Elizabeth! They have been bugging me about this since probably last September and I finally am now just getting to it! (Thanks Liz for setting up my blog!:) Now I just need to get my twin sister Heather and all of my other "peeps" out there to join me (Draeger....) and then we can all be connected and "stalk" each other!! How fun does that sound? I really am excited though to be doing this, because I never was good about keeping a journal or scrapbooking for my kids and now they can have something to look back on!

My January Decor.... those of you that know me, know that I am very passionate about decorating!! I can always find a reason or think of some occasion to "tie a bow" somewhere!! Well last year I started a new rubbermaid box of decor for Kristian to store up in the attic, which he was soo thrilled about...and I actually think it has now grown into 2 boxes this year! Sorry babe...But I was feeling soo depressed after taking down all of my Christmas decor down because my house was looking soo ugly and bare!! But then my sweet little Fish brought home this great picture that he had painted of a snowman with these huge brown sticks coming out of each side and glued a January calendar to it....And it was all over from that moment....My new January Theme was established, which meant that I could keep my snowflakes hanging over my island and my wreaths hanging from each window (replacing my red bows with blue ones). So yes you can throw up if you'd like, but I am actually throwing up "pure cuteness" in my mouth right now! DON'T HATE!! :)