Friday, January 30, 2009

Campbell's traumatic haircut...

So I decided that I didn't want to deal with Campbell's long hair and all of the aweful "snaggle monsters" that I had to encounter everytime I brushed it!!! So I told Cami that we were going to cut her hair like her friend Lauren did, real short and in a "bob". So I got her all wet and full of smiles... And this is what happened half way thru....It really was sooo sad...she kept looking at herself in the mirror and saying "I look ugly!"

I had to keep reassuring her that I was not done yet and that after I styled it and blew dry it, it would be beautiful!!!

This was just one of those nasty snaggles that I took such "delight" in chopping out of her hair!! BUH BYE....This is the big ol' snaggle hair pile that was left after I was finished...

And even after I blew it out and styled it she still was not happy with me...If I knew it was going to be this "traumatic" I would have taken her to supercuts and payed them to deal with it!!! haha

P.S. The next day was a much better day, as she said to me while we were driving in the car "Mommy, I love my haircut! I look soo cute!!"

Girls.....SO DRAMA!!!!!!