Saturday, August 22, 2009

Allyson Randle Photography!!!

I know....I know....You haven't seen me or my family forever....Right??? However, I just felt that this exciting news was VERY Blog Worthy and takes top priority over anything and everyone right now!! (Wow that sure says alot Ally!)
So my BFF Allyson Randle started her photography business only a year ago today!! And as many of you know she is the most AMAZING, CREATIVE, FABULOUS Photographers out there and I am in such AWE of her and her success!! She has such a great eye for this and she has definately found her calling in life!!
So becuz this is her 1 year anniversary, she is having a contest to kind of get the "word" out so that people will start to know Allyson Randle Photography as your typical household name!!
Soooo PUHLEASE....Go to and check her out!! You can also view her blog from there. And then once you see her work, it's a then BOOK HER IMMEDIATELY cuz she is FABULOSITY!!!
Just check out this RAD family picture that she recently took of us...I mean so cool, RIGHT???

So I can't say enough about her and how great she is, you just need to experience it yourself!!
SOOOO.....GOOOOO....What are you waiting for????
Love you Allyson....:)