Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fischer's "Pride of the Lion's" Award

At Fischer's school they give out "secret awards" to the kids who they feel are really making an effort and doing good in school! It is called the "Pride of the Lion's" award, as their school symbol is a Lion. So it all started when I recieved a note from his teacher Mrs. Furhman that he would be getting this award at the friday flag ceremony, but not to tell him as it would be a surprise!!
So Kristian and I snuck up on him as he was sitting there with his class not knowing we were there or that his name was about to be called out!! hee hee I almost got caught taking this one....

And here for his "big moment"....

Here he his posing with the other kids who recieved awards that day!

We are sooo PROUD of you Fish....Great Job Buddy!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HEART DAY is here!!!

Every holiday is a special day, So I try to make it just as special for the kids! So this is what "cupid" brought them this year...or should I say "candy cupid"? Awwwwwe....The LOVE....

Here is Cami in her Valentine "get up"! She wanted to wear my shoes to school soo badly!! What a little "poser".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Diamond Castle Princess Party!

This year Campbell wanted to have a Barbie birthday party and her favorite barbie and movie these days have been the Diamond Castle barbies. So that is what my "little princess" got... She was even telling me exactly what kind of cupcakes she wanted...."white with pink icing please!"

So she had all of her cute little friends over and they danced while they watched the Diamond Castle movie....

Opened presents...

And ate yummy cupcakes....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 4th B-Day Cami!!!

Today Campbell turned 4 years old!! And this is what she woke up to find...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE "MONKEY"....I just LOVE this girl....A special B-day card and a hug from her big sissy Merrick... Her cousins came up to help celebrate her big day! We went to her favorite place to eat, Wendy's and went to the movies, then came home and ate lots of cake!!! We Love you Campbell Reese...Hope you had a GREAT B-DAY!!!