Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Movie Night for FHE!!!

For our Family Home Evening a few weeks ago when Halee my neice was still here, Merrick was in charge and she put together a (Home) "Movie Night"... It was soo fun! She made movie signs and tickets...Then she had everyone line up...To give her their movie tickets... Greeted us with popcorn...And then showed us to our "comfy" seats...(this sure beats any movie theater seating!!)We then started our lovely show with a surprise to Halee...Here she is at her Kindergarten graduation...How cute is she...And she was followed by my handsome hubby in his skiing days up at Sundance...love the "racoon eyes" Babe!Here is me in the MTC with all of my cute elders that I loved (even though they were all dorks!)And then the rest of the show consisted of Merrick...Sorry Fischer and Campbell, that's what happens when you are the "firstborn". Seriously though we aren't that rutheless...we did take video of the "Fish" and "little Belle", but they are all on our computer!! So that will have to be another night!! However, Campbell kept thinking that everytime she saw Merrick on the screen that it was her. She would say "That's ME Mommy?" It really is amazing how much they look alike when they were younger!! So we will just let Cami think that that night was all about her!!


So you know how the saying goes..."He/She could sell ice to the eskimos!"...
Well the other day Fischer and Campbell collected a bunch of rocks around our yard (and I'm talking just your average looking rock-nothing at all special about them) and cleaned them off in the sink and then actually went door to door around our neighborhood trying to sell them!! (this is all without me knowing of course...How embarassing!!)

And this is the "Loot" they came home with...All I can say about this one is...SORRY BUT I THINK A FEW OF YOU GOT SUCKER PUNCHED!!! BUT HEY...THANKS FOR MAKING THEIR DAY!!!

I'm soo proud of my 3 little "Entrepreneuers" starting out so young!!