Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today we went to Fischer's 1st Soccer game of the season...And we seriously thought that we were watching David Beckhams "mini-me" running around the field!! (He even kind of looks like him....don't ya think?haha.) Fischer managed to score THE ONLY 2 GOALS for his team that day and ended tying it up with the other team. 2-2!!! YEAH that's right...YOU GO...FISH!!!

Taking a break at half time to get some advice from his "good ol' Dad". The Victory Run....

Unfortunately I started rolling my camera right after he made his very first goal!! But here is a little video of him running like a "mad-dog" to get that ball away from the other team! We are so proud of you Fischer!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Fischer!!

Today my sweet little "boyfriend" turned the big 7 years old!!! We started the day by surprising him in the morning with some gifts and a new bike!! He was soo excited!He has been a huge fan lately of Star Wars and especially the PS2 Lego Star Wars video games. So we got him the Star Wars II for his birthday since he has pretty much mastered all of the levels on the first one!
His Grandma Judy who my kids call "Amee" got him this killer Tony Hawk edition bike!! That was definately his favorite gift ever!! Thanks Amee...We love you.

We took him to Soup Plantation for dinner and then was going to go bowling but unfortunately when we got there they told us that it was "League Night" and we couldn't play!! Fischer was seriously soo heart broken over that! I was so bummed for him. I even made these cute and delicious cupcakes to take with us...So instead, we just came home, sang Happy Birthday, ate cupcakes and watched the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks" that he got for his birthday. But even though he was dissapointed about not going bowling for his birthday, he still managed to give me this great birthday smile....
We Love you "Fish"....Hope you had a Great Birthday!!!