Thursday, August 28, 2008

Merrick starts her own business!!!

My cute little "crafty" daughter Merrick has just started her own business making these great notebooks and journals! She has named her business "FLOWER POWER" Notebooks & Journals. I am soo very proud of her. I am in "awe" at each creation she comes up with...all by herself!! So please check her notebooks out She has started selling them on Ebay. Go Mer-Mer!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back To School...WHAT????

Can you believe it is that time again????? Where did our summer go??? Actually it is still summer to me and I swear I get on my "soapbox" every year about how it makes me so mad that they can't just start school like almost everyone else does...after Labor Day!!! DUH....Oooo that totally drives me crazy...Needless to say my poor kids still smiled for the camera with their new backpacks!! Notice backpacks aren't so cool anymore for my big 5th grader Merrick, who convinced me to get her this groovy looking tote bag!! Thank goodness they both like their teachers this year!! Too bad Merrick judges whether her teachers are going to be good or bad by the way they look....if they are "nice and pretty" then we will be having a Great year!! A very BIG THANKS goes out to all of her past & present teachers who come to school looking like they had just come from "Hair & Makeup". Somehow that has made my life that much easier!! haha
Then there is my cute little "Fish" who really could care less about appearance, except his own of course...He has loved all of the great teachers he has had so far and they adore him!! Seriously...who doesn't love this kid???
Campbell also went back to school this week...She is attending the 123 Learn Preschool where she was last year just 2 days a week! She LOVES it here and absolutely LOVES her great teachers Ms. Carol and Ms. Melissa!!! But this year is also kind of a sad time cuz her BFF Katelyn Wankier isn't here with her...and when I dropped her off on Tuesday and she asked me where Katelyn was I almost broke out into tears...It was soo heartbreaking!! She loves and misses Katelyn soo much!! However, her other good friend Victoria Newbold is now in her class, so hopefully she will not keep asking where Katelyn is everytime I take her to school...BooHoo.