Sunday, January 20, 2008

Desert Fun!!!

  • This weekend we were invited by our great neighbors, The VanNyhuis family to join them at the desert! Now I have been soo reluctent to go out again after what happened last year when we went out with them, as many of you know he unfortunately broke his collar bone and cracked a few ribs the first hour we were there!! And I obviously did not want to relive that again....EVER!! But we went and actually had soo much fun this time! Kristian taught Fischer how to ride the four wheeler and he never wanted to get off that thing!! Kristian took it easy this time and only rode the Quads, Dune Buggy and their cousins Rhino!! Thanks babe. Campbell had fun just playing in the dirt and making angels in the sand, although she was priviledged to get a little ride from her big brother. Merrick loved just being with her sidekick and BFF Natalie. Thanks again Teri and John for an awesome weekend!

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Larsens said...

When I saw the pictures, I was thinking..OH NO! Not again! I remember last year when we got a phone call from you and Kip about the painful rib craker accident. I'm glad nothing happened this time. Love the pictures of the three girls.