Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Surprise...Amee's Here!!

So today Merrick woke up to a few surprises for her Birthday!! After she opened her gifts, I gave her the last one which was the start of her B-Day Treasure Hunt (which BTW she had actually requested I do) and after I had all of them running up and down the stairs following all of her clues they ended up on the last one which was our guest room.... And Surprise!!! "Amee" (their grandma & my Mother-in-law) was there with birthday bows and all!!! She flew in all the way from Boston the night before to surprise Merrick for her Birthday!! What an awesome gift she was for Mer-Mer, she was literally speechless, well actually they all were!!

We are soo lucky to have her staying with us for 6 weeks!!! They just love it when Amee is here!! Thanks so much Judy for being Merrick's Great Birthday Surprise!! WE LOVE YOU!! Merrick's other Grandma (G-diane), also showed up today and brought many B-day and Halloween goodies for the kids and then we all went Bowling which Merrick killed all of us with her high score!! Great Job Mer!! We ended our fun B-day day by going to one of her favorite restaraunts; Soup Plantation!! She had such a GREAT DAY with both of her Grandma's...


Mark and Meghan said...

awesome surprise jen! i'm sure that merrick was so excited...such a cute idea.

p.s. six weeks??

Elizabeth Judd said...

that's so cute! Happy Birthday Merrick!!

Larsens said...

What an awesome surprise. Have fun with Judy. Wow, six weeks. You will get spoiled. Give our love to her, please.

Halee said...

Don't forget that is my bed she is in! :) LOVE YOU and miss you guys..

ps. i cried seeing her there and me knowing i want to be there more than anything!

Tell Mer Mer, My Trash Boy, and my best friend Baby Cami i miss them