Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumkin Carving Party!!!

Every year my good friend Julie Draeger and I have hosted a "Pumpkin Carving in the Park" party. We always have it on the Monday before Halloween so that all of the families can make that their FHE and carve their pumpkins all in one night!! We are SO good...haha. This year was our 4th year doing it and it always ends up being such a hit!! People are starting to ask us now in September if and when we will be hosting it again!! Thanks for the love!!

Here is Kristian who always pulls through for our family by carving the cutest pumpkins ever!! (Notice he threw out his carving utencils and went straight for the "drummel"!!) Is that "cheating"??I mean who actually makes ears???? How cute is he??? (Oh...and Kristian is pretty cute also!)My friend Erica was turning the big 30 also, so this was a perfect time for me to make a cute Halloween cake and surprise her with it at the party where we all sang and wished her Happy Days...Love you Erica!!By the way...just in case you wanted to get a closer look at my most awesome cake that I probably have ever made, here it is!!! I had so much fun doing this for her!! Love it!!

Thanks to everyone again for coming and making this year another great one!!


Heather said...

Jen - You are stinkin' skinny! honestly - go eat a twinkie or something!

I lvoe the Halloween cake with those bats!

Jill Burke said...

That cake is soooooo very cute! Looks like fun Jenny :)

Mark and Meghan said...

that is such a cute cake fun to have a carving pumpking party! and mer mer is a star down below!

Elizabeth Judd said...

that is such a cute idea and I love the cake! And tell Merrick great job! She's getting so old!!!!

debbie said...

where was my invite???? jk, you know we moved right?

that totally looks like fun, i might have to steal your idea:)

Kuzma Family said...

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