Thursday, October 16, 2008

Merrick's "5 Minutes" of fame....

Merrick was asked by our good friends cute daughter, Ally Scott, to participate in a "kiddie cheer camp" fundraiser, where she would go to a few practices and then perform a cheer and dance at the Half Time show at the Chaparral High football game!! Merrick was very reluctant at first to do this in front of soo many people, but ended up doing such a great job!!!
Ally Scott with Merrick....Thanks for asking her to take part in this fun night Ally!!
Kristian and I watched from the stands of hundreds of people and were soo proud of her!! Great Job Mer-Mer!! I see a future "Head Cheerleader" here!! Maybe you will take after your Grandma Diane!!

Sorry this video is a little shaky....(stupid camera). haha

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Heather said...

So Cute Mer-Mer! Way to go Mer mer way to go! Can you just hear the cheer chant?