Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Cookie Monsters!

Today the kids had no school!! (Lucky Me) :) So we decided to make Valentines Cookies! We had lots of fun taking turns with the cutouts, although Cami kept putting hers right smack in the middle after I would roll a new batch of dough! Good Times! Then we went to Orange County to visit my sister Elizabeth. Her and Rob are moving around the corner in a cute house and she wanted me to see it so that I could help her start decorating and picking out paint colors! Congrats Rob and Liz on you first new home!! :)

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Diane Riding said...

So glad you let the kiddies help make sugar cookies. I always loved doing that with you little guys. I think we ate most of the cookies before we even baked them, huh? Thanks for going to help Lizzie too,Jenny. That was so sweet. x0x0x0