Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Eight Little Dancing PRINCESSES!!!

Today I had a little "Princess Birthday Party" for Campbell!! And now that it's over I'm so glad that I did, I was thinking about not doing one this year becuz she is only turning 3 and really doesn't get the whole b-day party thing yet. So I totally could've gotten away with not doing one this year, but seriously how cute is she!! She was soo excited to answer the door and see all of her friends dressed up in their princess dresses. They all started dancing and twirling around to the princess music that I had playing. Then they watched a short princess video, decorated princess crowns and we ate pizza and pretzels, opened presents and ate only the icing off the cupcakes!! Just the way the "Princesses" do it!! It was so great and she had soo much fun!! No regrets here!!


Diane Riding said...

How I wish I had been at that Princess Party for my sweet little Belle!!! How darling they all looked!!! And the decorations, food and party favors were over the top,. YOu're AMAZING!!!!!!!

Larsens said...

She looks so beautiful! What great ideas you have.

A Day In The Life Of Us said...

As always, OVER THE TOP...for 3 year olds! But so cute! This actually made me cry. I was looking at your blog, and Livi saw the picture of Kaitlyn, Campbell and Kennedy, and said Kaitlyn! Campbell! and got all excited. Then she had a confused look on her face as to why she hadn't seen them in a while! Broke my heart to pieces and then I started crying. So THANKS! j/k love and miss you!