Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Came EARLY!!!

This year we were heading up to Park City for Christmas to be with my whole entire family...(An event that I still have yet to post, so stay tuned). So I wrote Santa a note to tell him where we would be and to just deliver their stockings and wait to deliver the rest of their presents to my sister Meghans house in Park City...BTW I love this guy...And I just had to take a picture of my new 9 foot Christmas tree that I waited till after Christmas last year to get and was practically the first in line at 5 in the morning waiting to get "the best deal" around!!

Cami with one of her favorite gifts from Grandma Diane...Yes this thing really sucks out of a sippie cup and pees in her diapers which Campbell loves to change!! Thanks Mom!!
Another winner from Granma Diane and Granpa Bob. Merrick thought she was straight out of "Teen Beat" mag with this stylin' purse!!
Sorry Fish, I don't know what happened here, but this is the only good one I got of you showing off your "loot".And this is one of my most favorite christmas gift of all time!! I finally got the Willow Tree style Nativity Set from My Mom and Dad!! I love it soo much!!My cute Christmas decor which makes my house look soo cozy, I love Christmas time!!


Heather said...

cute pictures and I am loving your BIG tree! Definitely worth the 5 am wait in lime time, right?

That sweater party is too much- it is a crack up to see the men with the nasty Christmas sweaters on - not right!

Diane Riding said...

I love your tree!! And the pictures of the kiddies are so cute. Your house always looks so beautiful......i love being there!!