Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We Love You Amee!!!

We were soo lucky to have Kristian's Mom from Boston stay with us for a few weeks while the kids were on spring break!! She is the greatest Grandma to my kids and they just adore her! She goes by "Amee" if you were wondering. We had soo much fun while she was here...

We spent the day walking around La Jolla Cove and even stopped to gaze at all of the cute seals that were just "kickin it" on the beach. They were soo cute..and fat and lazy. haha.

She was also able to be here to watch Fischer turn into a big 7 year old!! This is the cool Tony Hawk bike that she got him...He was soo excited as that is all he kept asking for!! Thanks Amee!We got to go to Old Town San Diego and have a great mexican lunch with musical sernades and all!! Then we took a tour of The Mormon Battalion and the Sister Missionaries dressed the kids up like Pioneers, it was so cute.
They would've never made it as pioneers...bless their hearts!! But they sure look cute dressed as one!Thanks again Judy for coming to spend time with our family!! We love you and can't wait to play with you again...xoxo


Diane Riding said...

Amee is such a wonderful grandma.......do you guys know how lucky you are??? We're all so glad she was out here to visit and look forward to it each year. Come again soon, Amee. We all love you!! x0x0x0

Rachel said...

Im dying that you took off your Snoop Dog post - too funny. Had a ball with you at camp, hope we will still see each other around - you crack me up, oh and I have a present for you in my pocket!